Aesthetic Enhancements, Experts in Nanobrow hair stroke and Micropigmentation

Never underestimate the power of good eyebrows! Brows are one the most important features of the face and often the most neglected. Fuller brows will not only make your eyes look fresher but will also make them be the focus of attention. The eyes hold the power of expression on your face like no other feature.

At Elysiancolor, Raquel Mack specializes in brow design customized for your facial features, not cookie cutter brows because not all faces are the same.  A personalized analysis on your skin tone will customize the right pigment color and with precision drawn strokes Raquel will give you hyper-realistic brows. 


We also offer a variety of beauty enhancement treatments. Whether you are looking for fuller lips, Eyebrow pigmentation, eyebrow microblading, eyelash enhancement or lip coloring. We are at your service providing the safest procedures and implementing the latest techniques and trends with the highest levels of sterilization. At Elysiancolor we also provide 3D Areola tattooing, and scar camouflage as well as color corrections.

 Licensed and insured cosmetic artists will work with you to find the best way to achieve your desired look. 


Enhancing Eyebrows giving you a flawless natural fuller brow

We use your face's natural shape, hair growth, and bone structure to design a perfectly placed brow. NANO STROKES are the latest trend in brow enhancements, unlike microblading this technique is perfect for all skin types.

Raquel Mack is a Certified Nano digital artist. Trained with Mary Ritcherson and Monica Ivani internationally known for her hyper realistic advanced brow strokes technique. 



After mastectomy surgery, at Elysiancolor we understand the importance of feeling whole again. Raquel Mack will help you recreate the areola using several colors and tattoo techniques, the end result will be a three-dimensional looking areola. Trained and certified by the Beau Institute under Rose Marie Beauchemin for Areola and nipple tattooing  Raquel's painting and fine art background allows her to create depth and volume to achieve a realistic look.



Permanent Eyeliner 

This service is known for providing remarkable results by instantly adding volume to your eyelashes without the need of toxic glues touching your current eyelashes. 

Different approaches can be used for lining the eye: a straight and solid line on the upper and/or lower lid and last enhancement, this will give the look of fuller eyelashes. 

Another method is the Smoky Lash enhancement, a diffused soft liner that gives a softer look. Raquel Mack was trained by Will Anthony the "King of Eyeliner" for this technique




Color correction is a process that may help when poorly performed tattoos have turned a different color. i.e. brows that get a purple, green or orange hue or eyeliner tail than needs to be removed or lighten.

Color correction combined with a color refresher can make your brows, eyes look great again.

Tattoo lightening is performed with LiFt

This solution is 100% natural and non- toxic. Raquel Mack is certified by Teryn Darling to perform this procedure that has been proven to lighten and considerable fade tattoos, allowing either color correction or reapplication of cosmetic tattooing.



Enhances your lips by adding color.

Do you want beautiful and naturally colored lips that stay on? Permanent lip color will keep your lips beautiful and colorful, are you constantly coloring your lips through the day? Some lipstick brands end up on your skin and clothes? Try permanent lip color!

It will keep your lips fully colored all day, night, at the gym, at the beach...


You can also fix lip asymmetry and make your lips appear fuller by using two pigment colors. Choose a lip-liner glow, very delicate lip liner that will blend in with your natural lip color for a natural look.  

You can get a seminude color to enhance your lips with a light tint, or a darker color for a more defined look.



Scar camouflage or pigment restoration is the perfect solution to minimize the look of scars due to surgery, wounds or Vitiligo.

Camouflage tattooing can be applied in almost any part of the body, using colors that will mimic the color of the skin around it; this can be a great solution to make scars and skin discoloration less noticeable.


Micropigmentation & Microblading.  

Brows. Eyes.  Lips. 

Cosmetic and Medical Tattoo Artistry

The Artist

Raquel Mack

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Based in Auburn, AL. I specialize in Cosmetic Tattooing and Paramedical Tattoong . I had the opportunity of completing my education in the US and Europe with the best trainers in the fields of Microblading and Micropigmentation.  I am constantly researching and updating my techniques to stay up to date with the latest procedures in cosmetic tattooing and brow pigmentation. 

I offer my clients my artistic eye and tattooing expertise to achieve a natural and flawless look.

I had my lips done by Raquel and I LOVE the results, the color is very natural and the process was painless and easy. My lips look very natural, always perfect! Thank you Raquel.

 -Laura C. 


@ Auburn Med Spa

1935 E Glenn Ave #201, Auburn, AL 36830