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Experience the most innovative permanent makeup solution available today.

Micro pigmentation (known more commonly as cosmetic tattooing) is a state-of-the-art method of creating realistic, natural, and permanent enhancements for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips. 

 Raquel Mack, Elysiancolor's founder and permanent and paramedical makeup artist, first creates the perfect shape and dimensions to suit each client’s personal preferences and features. 

The Micro pigmentation machine, needles, and pigment are made not only to create a more permanent natural effect but are also quite different from traditional tattooing. With my expertise in permanent makeup I can select the size of needle and exact depth of penetration. This allows a much higher degree of precision than standard cosmetic tattooing and a consistent distribution of pigment. 

For permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color, the results of any micro pigmentation procedures should be as natural as possible, since these results are meant to stay on the skin longer that traditional makeup, it is important to achieve seamless results so that the client is comfortable with the results 24 hours a day 365 days.  


Micro pigmentation is also used on the medical field for areola, scar & scalp (SMP) tattooing, the latest techniques on cosmetic tattooing allows the artist to imitate the look of areola, match skin tone, and hair follicles. 


At Elysiancolor we are proud to work with plastic surgeons to provide realistic services after mastectomy, facelift and FUT/scalp surgeries. 



Cosmetic and Medical Tattoo Artistry

Brows. Eyes.  Lips. 

The Artist

Raquel Mack

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Based in Auburn, AL.


Raquel has background in fine arts that allows her to apply her knowledge in face & body anatomy, color theory into her Cosmetic Tattooing and Paramedical Tattooing procedures. 

She had the opportunity of completing her education in the US and Europe with the best trainers in the fields in Brow Hyperrealism Design and Micropigmentation.  

She is constantly researching and updating her techniques to stay up to date with the latest procedures in cosmetic tattooing and brow micropigmentation.  

she offers her clients her artistic eye and tattooing expertise to achieve a natural and flawless look. 


I had my lips done by Raquel and I LOVE the results, the color is very natural and the process was painless and easy. My lips look very natural, always perfect! Thank you Raquel.

 -Laura C. 


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