Prices vary from artist to artist depending on the education and experience.

I have over 10 certifications worldwide and developed my own style, I have had the opportunity to work and train under the best cosmetic tattoo artist worldwide. My goal is to make your makeover as natural as possible. 

Raquel Mack

Young Women


Nano Brow hairstroke $600

Powder Brow Ombre   $600

Touch up (if needed) 4-6 weeks $100

Color refresher 12-18 months 
(for existing clients) 


Lip Blushing
(perfecting session included 4 weeks) 


(perfecting session included 4 weeks)

New clients require a consultation (virtual or in person) before booking any services.

Woman With Makeup
Woman with a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon.jpg

Areola Nipple tattoo

My work and goal is to provide a 3 dimensional and realistic look, I have a fine arts background that allows me to achieve this results.

(perfecting session included 4 weeks) 

(perfecting session included 4 weeks)

This service should be covered by your insurance.
I will be happy to provide the documentation to submit to your insurance.