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Updated: Oct 19, 2023

About lip blush tattooing:

How can lip blushing help my lips?

Lip blushing is a lip tattoo that resembles lip tint or lip gloss. It is applied using a very fine single needle with minimal saturation. My lip blush services techniques are performed by turning down the low speed of my machine. This is to be sure that I can get a separation of the pixels of pigment I am implanting in the lips. I want space between my pixels because as the pigment heals in the skin, the pixels blend into the lips, forming a light gloss effect.

I do not line the lips using the lip-lining or contour technique. I keep my client’s lips very natural and with their original shape. Instead of lining the lips, I use a very light shading technique that I developed. It’s a specific way of holding the lips, stretching, and hand movements to fade the lip color into the lip line.

I can use any color for Lip Blush. I have a favorite mix that I can tweak, mixing the deep reds and deep pinks. Because of the soft saturation levels, the healed effect is like having a beautiful lip tint.

I use lighter shades of pink and neutral brown for my clients who like a more natural look. The healed result is natural and bare, but the lips are fuller and more defined. Many people don’t realize that light needle work naturally produces collagen in the lips, resulting in a permanent lip plump. It’s like getting lip fillers without the injections. Lip blushing can make your lips look youthful.

Lips blushing tattoo after
Lip Blushing

If your lips are extremely thin, I recommend doing a small amount of fillers first. We offer this at Artistry Beauty Bar and combined with my lips blushing procedure the results will be youthful, defined, and long-lasting lips

If your lips have been previously tattooed, we will need to schedule a complementary consultation to ensure I can work on your lips.

About the procedure:

It is very easy and with minimal discomfort, I use topical lidocaine during the procedure, which only takes about 90 minutes.

I recommend taking certain supplements to minimize swelling and speed up healing. This can be discussed prior to your procedure.

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